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Tzara Caswell, MA CCC-SLP

License #26096

Meet Tzara

Certified Speech Language Pathologist

& Lactation Education Counselor

Who am I?

I am a pediatric speech language pathologist specializing in communication, feeding, and orofacial myology disorders for children ages 0-12.   I have worked in a range of settings including schools, clinics, and homes.   Having grown up in Silver Lake, I feel a strong sense of community in north east Los Angeles and am honored to support this community that raised me and continues to raise my own daughter.  I love what I do and feel beyond lucky to share this journey of growth and parenting with the families I work with. 

What is my story?

My journey into speech pathology began with my curiosity to learn more about how people connect and form identities through communication.  When I decided on speech pathology as a graduate student, I focused my studies around cultural identity and learning.  I began my work in schools, gradually transitioning to a clinical setting where I could specialize in early intervention, infant feeding, and motor-based disorders.   By addressing concerns early, I’ve seen first hand how we set children up for success later in life.  Becoming a mom has greatly deepened my understanding of child development and passion for early intervention.   

What does therapy look like?

My practice is centered in the belief that all children have the potential to learn, communicate, and connect.  It has been well studied that the hardest work and most growth happens through play.  As such, most sessions utilize multi-sensory approaches and are centered around exploratory and play-based activities.   Through this process, I hope children discover enjoyment in learning and learn through playing.  

What recent trainings have I completed?

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and regularly take courses pertaining to speech, play, language, and emotional development.   In 2020, I was awarded the ACE Award by ASHA as a formal recognition of my commitment to continuing education.  While I cannot list them all, of note are the following trainings:



Bridging PROMPT Technique to Intervention(Level II) presented by Saba Torabi Hernandez (2019)

Dynamic Tactile Temporal Cueing for Childhood Apraxia of Speech presented by Edythe Strand (2019)

Making Confident Decisions When Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech (2019)


Articulation & Phonology

Arrr! It's /R/ Therapy (2020)

Pam Marshalla /R/ and /S/ (2020)

Treating that Pesky Lisp! (2019)

Prematurity and Communication (2019)


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Changing Developmental Trajectories and Toddlers with ASD: Strategies from Bridging Research to Practice presented by Amy M. Wetherby and  Juliann J. Woods (2020)

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Very Young Children (2019)

SCERTS: A Comprehensive Educational Framework for Autism presented by Amy Laurent, Barry M. Prizant, and Emily Rubin (2018)



Lactation Education Counselor (IBCLC Certification Path)  presented by Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz and Ruth Pletcher  (2020)

Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: The Essentials presented by Katherine Shaker (2018)

Prevention of Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development Problems: Birth to Age 2 presented by Diane Bahr (2018)


Orofacial Myology

Understanding the Orofacial Complex (IAOM certification path) by Kristie Gatto and Amanda Chastain (2020)



Evaluating and Treating Stuttering in Young Children presented by J. Scott Yaruss (2018)

Lidcombe Program Training presented by Martin Nevdahl (2017) 



Screen Use, Internet Addiction & the Developing Brain presented by Tina Payne Bryson (2019)

Screen Time: Supporting Young Children and Their Families in the Digital Age presented by Stacey Landberg (2019)



Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD) presented by Cynthia Fox (2016)

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